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Ever heard of Wagyu Jin? It's a restaurant that is sort of hidden in Shaw center. Now, you should have heard of Wagyu, but this restaurant serves Japanese A5 Miyazaki Wagyu. The best of the best. I went there on the 14th of August earlier this year, which was after my PSLE Preliminaries. I recall being so, very excited. I mean, it's Wagyu.

At Wagyu Jin, I had their Lunch Omakase, the picture below is their menu. ( To be honest, the

price is very fair. considering that the food they make is top quality).

- Somen

It was like a cold soba but it was nothing like I had ever eaten. The Hokkaido hairy crab was so sweet, by far the best crab dish I had yet. But the sea urchin was made into a sauce that added so much more depth of flavor. Utterly amazing. ( Yes, this is still about wagyu. Just wait.)

- Yakiniku

Thinly sliced A5 wagyu is cooked to perfection, aka medium rare, and served three ways. The first was the beef with some sort of kimchi. The kimchi provided that bite with some heat, crunch and some sour to cut through the fatty goodness of the beef. The second I cannot remember what it was, sorry. But the final piece was my favorite, the beef was simply served with a touch of wasabi. Why do I like it? Well... In Chinese we have a saying that is- 简单就美, which simply translates to- there is beauty in simplicity. Its simple preparation allowed for the beef's true flavors to shine through which was just what I was looking for.

- Sushi

Raw wagyu beef is wrapped around sushi rice and is torched. This allows some of the meat to still be a tad bit uncooked, which is what I always want. Phenomenal, really. The beef really just melts away in your mouth. And the cube of pickled daikon acts as such a great palate refresher. ( really gotta learn how to make it!)

Fun fact: Did you know that a sushi chef would mix up to three kinds of rice for the sushi rice. They do this to find, like, the perfect balance. Cool, eh?


Usually I will try to steer clear of the abalone, I thought it was the abalone that I did not like, but turns out it was how it was made that I didn't like. But at Wagyu Jin, they somehow make me like their abalone. To be honest, I have never cooked abalone before so I am not sure what went into that dish, but it was good.


Succulent beef paired with rice, a perfect onsen tamago and another pickle that looks like *giam cai. Italian Chef's Kiss.


To be honest, I am not a dessert fan of desserts but people serve desserts. So, here we go. The citrusy yuzu sorbet was absolutely refreshing and light. It helped me end the meal on a light and clean end. The sorbet was topped with a shard of biscotti which gave a dish a crunch and a nutty aftertaste.

Well, that's all for now.

~Jared J. Lim

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Joshua Quek
Joshua Quek
Nov 11, 2021

looks delicious

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