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Sushi @ Sushi Mitsuya- $180 per person!

Hello everyone! Today I'm gonna tell you of a small sushi place tucked into 60 Tras street Singapore. The sushi there is awesome. However, for such quality and taste, the price is steep. We had the Kasha, as you can see in the picture below. It is the chef's recommendation and as you can also see, it cost $180 for on person. To be honest, I still find the price a little baffling. Nonetheless, it was some good sushi.

Unfortunately, this meal was eaten quite some time ago. Somewhere around August last year. So, my memories of this meal are a little foggy, but I would like to comment on three of the many dishes served.

Firstly, was a small crab that was fried till it was so crispy that you could just eat it whole.

Secondly, is the belt fish, as the sushi chef, called it. The white fish was grilled and seasoned to perfection. ( The second picture)

Lastly, an Uni, or in other words, sea urchin. This was the first time I had ever eaten sea urchin and unfortunately, it was not my cup of tea. The Uni was creamy and rich. However, just like durian, the taste of Uni is an acquired taste and back then, it was just not for me.

But before you say " Nope, never going there. It's too expensive." I want to let you know that you are not only paying for the food, but also the experience. That's all from me now.

~Jared J. Lim

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