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The Steakhouse Before The Birth Of Singapore: Fosters Steakhouse Since 1960

I had lunch today at a quiet steakhouse tucked into the corner of Holland Road.
Now, let's break down my experience.

The place itself, it is a real charming place with an old time feel, it has a cozy and casual atmosphere and it even has a suit of armor. The wall is plastered with articles and awards, which is really cool how many awards they have, but it makes the walls look very messy and that is quite undesirable. Next things next, I think they have too many decorations which makes the place look cluttered. There are also some cushy armchairs placed randomly around the entrance. So, I rate the place a seven out of ten.

As for the staff, I have nothing much to say. There were some who were chatting rather loudly and that really got on my mother's nerves. So, I think I will give them a four out of ten.

Now for what we've all been waiting for, the food! It was really not bad. I had the set lunch.
Firstly, I had their mushroom soup. Taste- wise it was good but I feel that is could be a little thicker. There was an abundance of mushroom in the soup but my only request is that the mushrooms could have been cut smaller.
Secondly, I had a Fillet Mignon cooked to medium-rare, aka perfection, it was amazing. Although, I did notice two things. The first being that it really didn't look like a Fillet Mignon, it was 'flat' and not circular at all. The other thing I noticed is that, as a steakhouse they should have steak knives, right? But I got a butter knife-ish knife, thankfully the steak was tender and I was able to cut through it.
Last but certainly not least, I had some sort of cake with vanilla ice cream. I have no comments on this dessert.
All in all, I will give the food an eight out of ten.

Finally, I would rate everything altogether a solid six out of ten I will definitely visit them again, but when is a question mark. Anyway, that is all from me now. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post. ~Jared Lim

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Joshua Quek
Joshua Quek
09 בנוב׳ 2021

Nice looks delicious

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